Is cancer common in dogs? Know the causes and treatment options

Taking care of your dog is your priority because you want him to be happy and healthy, but there are certain illnesses that affect dogs and you will need to make sure that you are taking the right steps for preventing the issues from affecting your dog.

Among diseases, cancer is affecting a large number of dogs, and as a dog owner, you will need to find out how to prevent it before it strikes. This is especially important because cancer is a deadly disease but timely intervention and treatment will prevent cancer from affecting your dog.

There are certain types of cancer that are very common in dogs which includes cancer of the cells lining the blood vessels, bones and white blood cells as these cancers might even lead to sudden death of your pet. You will need to take strict measures for preventing the growth and development of cancer cells if your dog has not been following a healthy diet.

It has been seen that cancer affects one out of two dogs. While some sources say you should avoid vaccinations in dogs because it causes disruption in the immune system of the dogs, we highly encourage you from getting him/her vaccinated regularly. Or at least, visiting the vet to see if there is any vaccination needed. One such vet is RehabVet, and you can check them out here:

Food-wise, there are certain foods that are also known to prevent and stop the growth of cancer cells and you should increase the intake of these foods as precautionary measures.

Making sure that your pet maintains a healthy weight because being overweight also increases the chances of cancer in dogs.


In conclusion, cancer may be a common killer for your animal best friend but if you know how to prevent and anticipate its arrival, you will not be as lost or stressed when your dog needs palliative care the most.