Macbook battery repair in Singapore

The battery is one of the most important components of the MacBook, since the MacBook can be used even without a power supply, if the battery is charged. The life of the MacBook battery depends on a large number of factors, like how the battery is used, quality. If the battery is getting drained quickly, the MacBook user will not be able to use it without a power supply. So when MacBook users in Singapore are facing a problem with their MacBook battery, they would like to know the different options available for MacBook battery repair Singapore.


Battery replacement

Usually it is not possible to replace a part of the MacBook battery to repair it. Replacing the damaged battery is usually the most effective solution for MacBook repair. If the MacBook user has limited funds, he may want to replace the battery himself. There are many websites and shops offering MacBook batteries for sale. The user can order the battery, and then replace the original battery. However, for this the user will have to remove the cover of the MacBook to locate the original battery. Usually the battery is fixed to the MacBook using a glue and the user has to be careful while removing the battery.


So if a MacBook user wishes to replace the battery himself he will also have to purchase a kit for removing the existing battery without causing damage to the other components in the MacBook. He will have to spend time to remove the battery, and replace it with a new battery. So MacBook battery replacement is only recommended if the user has some experience and tools for battery repair. The user should be aware that if he makes some mistake in battery replacement, the entire MacBook could get damaged, and he will have to spend more money on repairs of the MacBook or purchase a new MacBook.


Service center

Most MacBook users do not have technical skills and tools so they prefer to get the MacBook battery replaced at a repair center. They can get it replaced at the authorized apple service center at no cost during the warranty period. After the warranty period is over, the service center will replace it if the customer will pay the fees specified. However the authorized service center will usually charge a fee that is higher than most other repair centers. The main advantage of using the authorized repair center is that they will use original quality components, and offer a warranty.


An alternate option for MacBook users is to use reputed MacBook repair shop which offers battery replacement at a lower cost like Esmond service center. One of the considerations while searching for a repair center is the warranty which they offer on their battery replacement. It is also advisable to check the reviews of the service center online and offline, and customer list. A well established and reputed service center in Singapore will have a large number of customers using their repair services, and mainly positive feedback from their existing customers.