Stay Healthy and Active During Pregnancy With Yoga Classes

Yoga in pregnancy is a good way of staying active and healthy for you and the baby. Yoga classes are highly advisable during the pregnancy period since they are a way of relaxation and breathing techniques using postures adapted for pregnancy. So, to be healthy and active, you should take pregnancy yoga classes in Singapore. Yoga reduces anxiety and also assists women in staying calm during pregnancy and in labor. It may also enhance sleep.

If you go for the classes during labor, they’ll aid you to stay calm and also breathe steadily through the contractions. Performing yoga during pregnancy might imply you require less pain relief as you give birth.

If you are pregnant and looking for ways to relax or even stay fit, you may consider doing pregnancy yoga classes in Singapore. Before starting the classes, know that yoga comes with many benefits, and the class will also enlighten you on safety tips.

What do yoga pregnancy classes entail?

If you wish to start a pregnancy yoga class, you should know what to prepare for. Here is what yoga classes for pregnancy entail:


In the yoga classes, you will be highly encouraged to focus on breathing in and out at a slow pace via your nose—yoga classes techniques aid in lowering or managing breath shortness and work through the contractions during your labor.

Gentle stretching

You will also be advised to move parts of your body gently, like your arms and neck, through a full range of motion.


When standing, lying, or sitting on the ground, you will gently move your body in various positions that aim at strength development, balance, and flexibility. Pros like belts, cushions, and blankets may offer the comfort and support you require.

Relaxation and cool down

At the end of every yoga class, you will relax your muscle as you recover your resting heart rate and breathing rhythm. Besides, you will also have to listen to your breathing as you pay attention to the sensations, emotions, and thoughts or repeat the mantra or word to bring that state of inner calm or awareness.

Unique Yoga Guideline During Pregnancy

There are some basic safety guidelines to note to safeguard the baby’s health and yours during yoga. You should know the following guidelines as you take the yoga classes:

Set realistic goals

For pregnant women, you should at least use 30 minutes to do the physical activity. And you should do this for a whole week or five days minimum. But, a short and frequent workout may still assist you to stay in shape as you prepare for your labor.

Always stay hydrated and cool.

Ensure you practice in a well-ventilated room where you will get sufficient air. Also, take many fluids to help you stay hydrated.

Avoid some posture

As you pose, bend from the hips and not the back to maintain the normal spinal curvature. Do not lie on the back or belly while doing deep forward or backward bends or do the twisting poses that pressure the abdomen. Besides, you may also modify the twisted poses only to move the upper shoulder, rib cage, and back.

Yoga classes are indeed useful. They help you stay healthy and also have a nice sleep. Therefore, you should enroll in pregnancy yoga classes in Singapore to stay active and healthy during your pregnancy period.