What Are QR Scanner Machines?

When we go to groceries or shop in boutiques, we often see these indifferent lines at every product’s back. These are the ones called bar codes. They are used to scan the items in the check-out section. They have different codes and bar lines to be recognizable by the bar code scanner.

Another invention made by these technically savvy people is the QR code. It was invented in 1994 by a Japanese company. A QR code is like a bar code. However, it has different matrix forms, unlike the bar code, which consists of thick to thin lines.

The use of QR Code

QR codes can be seen on different things; QR codes on computers, fast food chains, and the wrapper of the junk foods we eat, television, and many more. QR codes are often used to be scanned and redirected to a link or a form.

Since the height of the pandemic has started, QR codes have become a recurring trend for different establishments. Nowadays, anyone can use a QR code to pay and wire bills to the merchants without direct contact. Establishments like malls and other companies also use a QR code for health declaration forms and contact tracing when someone enters the premises.

QR codes are very versatile when it comes to their uses.


Of course, you can’t scan a code, neither if it is a bar code or a QR code without a scanner. To scan a code, you will need a QR barcode scanner. But what is a QR barcode scanner?

A QR barcode scanner is a hi-tech ocular scanner that can read barcodes or QR codes. It will decrypt lines and shapes in the code and transfer the data to the computer. Scanners can often be seen in supermarkets. There are some that customers may scan the products on their own to know the product’s price.

QR barcode scanners produce laser light. It is the one that scans through the codes.

There are various code scanners that we can find here in Singapore. This QR barcode scanner has different purposes depending on how it would work.

Scanning Machines Category

Data Collecting

This scanner focuses on scanning and collecting essential data.

Fixed Mount Scanners

We can see this scanner on the groceries and markets. It is where the barcodes of the products are being read to know the amount.

Handheld Scanners

A handheld scanner is one of the typical scanners. However, scanning also has a wide selection of items. This category also produces an image scanner. We can also connect this scanner to smartphones.

Wireless Scanners

This scanner comes in handy because of its wireless and lightweight features. Wireless scanners can also be seen in shops and malls.

RFID Scanners

Familiar with RFID or Radio-frequency identification? Well, this scanner can scan RFID codes.

Presentation Scanners

Like a typical scanner, a presentation scanner can also read items with codes in front of them. However, one advantage of a presentation scanner to others is that it can read the codes at any given angle.

Scanners have been part of our daily lives. Many businesses and enterprises have always been reliable to QR barcode scanners and machines. They make our lives easier and safer.